From today's PG, the best LTE in support of "traditional" math that I've ever seen:

Teach basics? A lot of waste to arrive at the obvious

Regarding the article "New Report Urges Return to Basics in Teaching Math": Does anybody else see a pattern here? Take something that works (math fundamentals), allow "councils" and uber-educrats (read: dimwits) to "fix" it, spend paskillions of tax dollars for this revision, see that it's not working and then recognize that -- eureka! -- the original way did and does work.

God bless America (only He can).


The writer is a teacher at Abundant Life Academy, Imperial.

Beware bloggers

I know mainstream media is worried about the "threat" posed by bloggers with a wide-spread following, but they've really got to do a better job of trying to plant seeds of doubt about the reliability of their online competition. Consider this snippet from a story on how much Internet attention inter-Masters-of-the-Universe rub has received:

"Many writers saw a sexist aspect to Bush's back rub. "This isn't a Sigma Chi kegger, it's the G-8 Summit," wrote blogger Christy Hardin Smith on

(Bush was actually in Delta Kappa Epsilon. Another Web 2.0 truism: Blogs are not always friendly with the facts.)"

Huh? Did anyone read the Sigma Chi reference to be a specific claim about Bush's college days? Clearly it was intended to just generally evoke the college atmosphere. And even if it were intended as a literal comment, Yale has a Sigma Chi chapter, and frats attend each other's keggers. Anonymous AP writer, you are a tool.

Behold the atheists' nightmare

"So the contents don't squirt in your face."
"Notice there's a point at top for ease of entry."
"And it's even curved toward the face to make the whole process so much easier!"
"If you get your hand ready to grip a banana... " (visuals included)
"It has outward indicators of inward contents"
"Black, too late"
"Biodegradable, and has perferations"

This short evangelical video explaining how a banana is proof of god could not have more double entendres if it had been written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

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Kristin Armstrong, better known as Lance Armstrong's ex-wife, has an unbelievable piece in Glamour.

"Here is the truth as I see it: Marriage has the potential to erode the very fiber of your identity. If you aren't careful, it can tempt you to become a "yes woman" for the sake of salvaging your romantic dream. It can lure you into a pattern of pleasing that will turn you into someone you'll hardly recognize and probably won't like. I am warning you because I only wish someone had warned me."

"If you ask me today what I truly love, I can easily tell you I love God, my family, my friends, fireworks displays, a good red wine, staying up late with a mystery novel, a sweaty run, painting abstract art, indulging my organizational compulsions, laughing until no sound comes out and taking my time. If you had asked me when I was married what I loved, I would have automatically told you the things that I loved about my husband: the confident, easy way he traveled between countries adapting to cultures and languages, or the way he could fearlessly MSH (our acronym for "Make shit happen," something we both excel at), or the little-known fact that he is a good photographer. I forgot my own list (and I'm a list girl!). Making him happy became my happy."

"I put all the energy and skills that made me a good manager and account executive into errands, planning and mothering. But the beauty of a wife is not found in those things. The beauty of a wife is in her being, not in her doing. During those years I perfected my doing and neglected my being. I remember the day that revelation first hit me: I made a joke to Lance about being opinionated, and he looked at me, sincerely confused: "You?""

I admit, I never had a positive opinion of her, mostly because all I knew of her was from commercials Lance did for, I think, insurance, with the two of them sitting on a dock, her behind him holding their child and gazing adoringly at Lance. I'm ashamed of myself for that, for marginalizing her in the very same way everyone else did.

Scorn unites us all

Overheard the City Grill waiters as they were prepping the outdoor seating: "And I told him, if you're going to read Ayn Rand, you have to act like an asshole for a month afterwards."

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What would make for a completely irritating dork wedding?

Adam and I started it off:

- Firefly/Serenity decoration scheme
- bride or groom coming down the aisle on a Segway
- working a binary joke into the vows

I need a snappier answer

I answer my cell phone:

Me: "Hello?"
Caller: "Mrs. Goode?"
Me: "Uh... I, well, Adam Goode is... my fiance is Adam Goode. But I'm not going... or... even when we get married I'm going to... like, I'm not going to change my name."
Caller: "Uh, ok. Your car is ready."

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I just saw a TV ad for RepHresh Vaginal Gel. The ad told me that the circumstances after which I might want to repHresh myself are "after your period, after intercourse, or after douching". After douching? Douche, and then apply another vaginal deodorant? Ouch.

Geez, how long before they start marketing Febreze as a feminine hygiene product?